The Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia

Today, my wife was working, so she missed all the fun.  I took the kids to Philadelphia to spend a few hours at the Please Touch Museum. My wife first told me about it, and I think she had heard about it from her coworkers.  Ironically, the day we finally take the kids there, she’s gotta work.  Sucks.

Robbie & Joshua at the Please Touch Museum

In the morning, we got them ready, and off we went.  First I took the kids to Dunkin Donuts to get some donuts to go.  I didn’t want to unstrap the kids, so I opted for my first ever trip through the drive-thru.  Dunkin Donuts is currently running a promotion for 6 donuts for just $3.  Sounds nice, but you know what? I don’t want 6 donuts, I just want 3 donuts.  I’m sitting at the drive-thru, no menu of all the donuts to choose from, and the guy tries to convince me to get a half-dozen, as it’s the same price.  I figure what the hell, sure.  I start trying to rattle off a few types that I could remember, and they don’t have it.  What’s the point if they didn’t have any selection today?  I ended up getting the ONLY two glazed they had, one boston creme, and three chocoloate donuts.  We ate in the car, and Josh was covered in chocolate crumbs.

We met up with my sister and her husband at their place, and I drove the five of us to Philly.  The museum was very nice, and certainly a higher quality than the Garden State Discovery Museum in Cherry Hill we visited a while back. Lots of exhibits for the kids to see and interact with.  We had lunch around 2:30pm, and wrapped up around 5pm.  We’ll have to go back sometime.

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