The first northeast snowstorm of 2009

This snowstorm truly snuck up on me.  I knew there was snow coming this weekend, but we’ve only received an inch or two all winter.  Meanwhile, I’m sitting at Supercuts in the waiting area to get a haircut, and a fellow heading out talks about having to get home before the storm.  My eyebrows raised.  Storm? Of course, I’m the clueless one.

Monday morning, we had probably a good 8 inches on the ground but it was light and powdery, so not bad at all.  I would have gone to the office, but the kids’ school announced they were closed.  From experience, there was no way I was going to manage doing my work and taking care of two kids in the house, so I took an unplanned day off.  My wife ended up staying home as well, but we needed man-on-man defense that day to keep those kids occupied.

I tell you, every time we get snow, I always (ALWAYS!) think back to January 1994 in New York, when we got hit by that blizzard / ice storm.  The ice was so bad, every morning for a week, we got up to hear that school was cancelled.  We didn’t go to school for a week!  We lost so much time, midterms were cancelled.  I played in the snow a lot that week.

I shovelled the patio and around the cars (and cleaned them) in the morning pretty quickly.  In the late afternoon, I took Josh out for sledding, making a tiny snowman, and some other misc. running around.  We capped off the fun with hot chocolate.  Nice.

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