Quick update on the PS3 and the Bold

I thought I’d give a quick update on my latest gadgets/toys/devices/acquisitions — the PlayStation 3 and the BlackBerry 9000 (the Bold.)

My new PlayStation 3 is pretty nifty. It’s beautiful, it’s sleek, it’s quiet, and it has wonderful features. The games I’ve played so far are excellent. I finished the Bioshock demo, was freaked out by the atmosphere, but I want more.

Frankly, though, we’ve been watching much more video than actually playing games. I / we have had much more time and instances where watching online streaming video has been more convenient than for me to have a solid block of time to play games by myself. It suppose that is weird, but it does demonstrate that we’re getting a lot of value out of this multi-purpose device.

My new BlackBerry Bold is simply awesome. The screen is gorgeous, 3G speeds are great, and the everything about the phone is oh-so-pretty. The battery does drain faster than I thought if I do a lot of calling, emailing, texting, or web surfing, but I think this is due to the 3G access draining the battery.  Thankfully, the phone battery charges quickly.  If I could make out with my phone without it being considered abnormal, I would do it openly.

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  1. Anil says:

    If you love your bold then I dare you to dress it up and take it out on a date:


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