has really pissed me off

So…… I ordered my PlayStation 3 Wednesday night.  Yes, that’s right.  You read that correctly.  I ordered the 80 Gb console, component cables, and Half Life 2 (a la The Orange Box) from my favorite retailer in the whole galaxy…..  For the first time in my life, as I am so eager, I paid for one-day shipping (overnight.)  Dumb.

Friday comes and goes.  Both the component cables and game arrive in separate boxes, but the PS3 hasn’t even shipped yet.  We have gifts for Josh (and a surprise gift for me! Thanks, Paul, for the extra Dualshock 3 controller!!!) ordered by friends from on Thurs morning, and arrived on Friday and Saturday, respectively.  Yes, all from Amazon.  Meanwhile, my PS3 is still missing in action.  It finally shipped 6:30pm Friday night.  It is somewhere in the UPS network, between Pennsylvania and my house, and will arrive Monday.

Let me reiterate:  I’m sitting at home this weekend with a game controller, cables, and even a game, and other things that were ordered from Amazon on Thursday morning, but not the critical piece of this whole plan, which was ordered Wednesday night!  I’ve been using Amazon for probably 10 years now, ever since they opened up shop.  They are my favorite retailer — best prices, fast shipping.  Their Super Saver free shipping (5-9 days) usually gets my stuff here in 3 days.  They have never, ever disappointed me.  Until now.

Hulk….. angry.  WTF, Amazon?  WTF?!?!?

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