Wife seeking job for husband

Uh, listen, I know marriage is a contact sport.  Wait, besides that.  Let me start again.

I know marriage is all about being a team.  My wife has got my back all the time, and I generally try not to annoy my wife so much.  However, sometimes, it’s better to let a person be their man (or woman) and do their own thing.  For example, helping your spouse find a new job is great.  Helping your spouse to find a new job by pleading online for him?  Not so good. This woman posted a video job request for her husband on CNN’s iReport user-generated site. 

I was amused, empathetic, and embarrassed, all at the same time. What employer is going to be impressed how fast he can complete a “Honey do” list? And that his wife is applying for him? Is she going to interview for him too?


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