I see a vacation on the horizon

“Vacation, all I ever wanted.
Vacation, had to get away”

I have taken very little vacation this year.  I forfeited nearly a week of 2007 carryover vacation that I didn’t get to use before the March 2008 deadline.  I think it partially explains why I burned out earlier in the year than usual. Living with a newborn infant is, of course, the other reason I burned out so early this year — sleep deprivation for months will do that to anyone.

I have roughly, if you count sick days, 24 days to take before the end of year.  Today, I started submitting time all over the place up until Dec 31st.  I requested next Monday off, a few days around Thanksgiving, and Dec 15 through the rest of the year. Seriously, that will be 3 weeks of straight vacation in December. I’m still going to have carryover, but at least I won’t forfeit more vacation days this year.

Next year, I’m hoping to allocate at least 5 days per quarter, so I can recharge a few times during the year, instead of running to the finish line and praying that I don’t crash short of December 31st.

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