Joel is finally redesigning his website

Has it really been nearly 6 years since I started Really? Six years? No wonder I’m so tired. I have some good, better, and best news.

Good news: I’ve started working on the last 20+ days of photos since May, including visiting the Philadelphia Zoo, and our trip to Ocean City. However, as I started editing photos, I realized this was going to take forever. If you remember from yesterday’s entry, I was now debating using a 3rd-party service to save myself some time, at the lost of some customization. I’ve selected Google’s Picasa. It seems to be the best course of action to outsource at this stage. Why do I need to spend so much time manually resizing photos, creating thumbnails, and adding to tables? Better these days to automate and save those blood, sweat, and tears for….. everything else to do around here.

Better news: I’ve already converted May 2008 photos, and I’ve put a temporary link on the Photo Gallery page until I figure out how I’m converting this all. I’ve started uploading June 2008 as well. I’m eventually planning or just considering converting all of 2008 at this stage. I’m thinking that I’ll stop breaking out all the photos by categories (Family, Friends, Trips, etc.) It became a little annoying when I had 2 photos in the Friends category, and 39 in the Family category, and keeping track of dates. Now, I’m just going to group it all by month.

Best news of all: What the hell, this site is due for an overhaul. I’m going to slowly redesign the site using css again, and dust off the old prototype template. I’m not going to touch the archives, but going-forward, time for some fun.

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