Josh goes to preschool, and George Carlin died

Ready for the big news? Josh has moved up to Preschool. More big news, and I’ll credit my wife. Josh is nearly potty-trained. It’s been nearly 2 weeks, but he’s wearing “big boy underwear”, and he hasn’t required a diaper during the day or night. It’s fairly amazing, and yes, I’ll credit my wife for consistency. I want credit too for participating. I felt validated after she gave me a gold star for effort.

George CarlinI can’t believe George Carlin died. That’s sad. I used to watch his comedy routines on HBO after I got introduced to his comedy via recordings on cassette tapes that my friend Doug gave me. He will be missed. In honor of George becoming a footnote in American legal history — Seven Words You Can Never Say On Television.

I’ve fixed up the Photos page, but I will have to find the free time to slowly convert all the galleries from April 2008 and earlier. I’m not particularly in a rush, as I have enough complexity in my life right now. The only reason I’m redesigning this website is because I could a little mindless distraction in the evenings to help me unwind. Also, it’s teaching me something different.

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