A little bit of everything

What a busy few weeks it has been.

I recently upgraded to Firefox 3, and it’s pretty good so far. I installed a cool extension called PicLens which lets you view photos and movies in a free-flowing wall of media, similar to Apple’s CoverFlow. You can also zoom in and out as you search, and activate movies to watch them right then and there. Check out the website. It also works on the Flickr, YouTube, etc. I think it’s neat.

Having finished Good Night, and Good Luck last week, we’re now watching Entourage Season 1 through Netflix. What a great show. We’ve finished the first four episodes, and waiting for the next four.

I have so many photos and videos to upload, I don’t even know where to begin. 🙁 Maybe I should finally concede to move to a Flickr or Google Picasa or other service.

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