We replaced the main exterior lights

There was a lot of old brass in our house. I don’t know if it was a homeowner choice, or it was default option by the builder. I’ve seen the same fixtures not only in our neighborhood, but in a surprising number of House Hunters episodes. I think it’s what was in style back then. Not even good brass – cheap brass.

Bugs the hell out of me.

As we’ve been replacing them on the interior, we still had two pairs illuminating both the driveway and front door. We found these large modern black lights that could accommodate 150W LED bulb. Ordered the light fixtures and bulbs separately. I wasn’t sure about what size of light fixtures, but I measured the doors, and large fixtures would work.

Of course, the new light fixtures wouldn’t fit on the existing wall mount blocks so I had to go out to find some during a pandemic. I hired a friend/handyman to help me cut the new mounting blocks to fit on the old blocks, then we installed all four lights in one afternoon.

We did have trouble with one light so I called and electrician to come help fix a wiring issue and we were good to go. I went with 150W warm white LED bulbs, which may be a little too bright. I may need to tone down the wattage by the front door, since those fixtures are close together, and we’re receiving complaints from NASA.

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