7th month of the pandemic and I’m getting tired – 389.5 miles biking in September

Geez, seven months of lockdown, and no gym. I think my biking goals are driven by wanting to hit milestones, and a need to get out of the house. Work was very busy for me this month, so it was harder to get out after 5 PM. It’s also started to get darker sooner. I did what I could. Still, if I had planned it out better, I would have gotten that last 10.5 miles in during the last week. 400 miles is such a nice number.

Of note, on Sat Dec 12, I went riding with a friend on a 56.25 mile ride from my hometown all the way to Millstone NJ outside of New Brunswick. I was very sore at the end of that ride, but it was a good effort. I haven’t done a 50+ mile ride in a long time.


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