It was a long-time coming, but we have our very own chandelier from the planet Krypton

Since the big February interior renovation project to replace all the legacy brass lights with recessed lights (and painting), we’ve been waiting to complete the last piece of the puzzle — the foyer chandelier.

The chandelier itself is builder-grade, and must have come with the house back in 1998. I know, because I’ve seen it not only in our neighborhood, but also on at least one episode of House Hunters! We wanted to change out all of the brass fixtures at the same in February, but we didn’t have one selected, and we didn’t have the budget for it either.

It’s been six months, but we found what we were looking for, and it took an additional few more weeks to receive the chandelier, and have the electricians come back to install it for us. I like it, because it’s black and crystal, and it reminds me of the Kryptonian ship that brought infant Kal-El to Earth in the 1978 Richard Donner film Superman.

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