This is a big month for us – major renovation updates for the Ipes

It’s finally happening. We’ve talked about it for a few years, but we’re finally doing it. Updating the main areas of the house! There have been a few things that always bothered since moving in, both big and small. The yellow color scheme in the house, meh. The inadequate lighting in the house, huge. We’ve tried to accommodate, but we were ready for a change. Goodbye yellow. Goodbye table lamps and floor lamps.

In February, we hired electricians to come out and install recessed lights in the upstairs hallway, downstairs hallway, and family room. It took two days, but it’s been so worth it. We got rid of all of the lamps, and it’s so much better! I also used this opportunity to replace the existing toggle switches with Lutron switches and brand new faceplates. We also selected a Benjamin Moore grey-brown (“greige?”), and hired painters that we’ve used before to paint the entire main areas top to bottom. Specifically, the two story foyer, two story family room, the kitchen, the sunroom, and a bright white refresh of all ceilings. If you look at one of the ceiling photos below, you can see what a difference a fresh coat of paint can make.

It was a busy week of adding ceiling lights and painting, but we had a little more to go. Part of adding new recessed lights included removing all of the few brass ceiling light fixtures we had, and replacing the much-hated florescent light in the kitchen with pendant lighting. Here, we had electricians remove the existing fixture, move the ceiling box, and add a 2nd ceiling box. We ordered 2 pendant lights and a matching chandelier for the kitchen, and Josh & I installed them on a Saturday afternoon.

I gotta say I love them. Huge difference. Josh and I did a great job.

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