Lily’s girls rec softball team won the championship for her division!

Did I mention that Lily has been playing in a recreational girls softball game this Spring? No? Guess I’ve been super busy with stuff. Yeah, so Lily really wanted to play softball again, but recreational only. None of us had time for all the parent drama around non-recreational girls softball, including Lily. She really only wanted to have fun. This year, our town couldn’t get a proper league together with the lower number of girls interested, so they combined with the Robbinsville program. So, a few girls from our town have been playing in mixed teams there 1-2 times a week.

With the rain outs, games I missed due to work, etc, I’ve only taken Lily to a handful of games this season for her recreational softball games, and my wife or she carpooled with another teammate.

On Monday, June 17th, with storm clouds brewing in the early evening , I took Josh and Lily for the last game of the season. Mid-way during the game, I learn from another parent that today’s game would be the final game, and they’re all playing for the championship.


It did start to drizzle, but they all played through it. In the end, Lily’s team won. Wow, crazy, but they’ve been playing well all season. And then they lined up the two teams, and handed out trophies. Wow, also was not expecting that.

Congratulations, everyone!

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