June 1 Trenton Thunder Game and CMB Demo Team Performance

The kids caught a ride at 5 PM with some friends to Arm & Hammer Park, and we cleaned up after the picnic at our house. We got on the road by 5:45 PM and made it to Trenton in time to park, and get inside to watch them perform. I wish the team was allowed to perform a little closer to game time so more people could see them actually perform, but water under the bridge.

The performance went well and was done in 4 minutes. After that, the kids went to their seats. The game was fun, and the Thunder won 2-1 against the Harrisburg Senators.  Our church folks were nearby so we did stop by to say hi to them, but we basically sat in the seats we purchased through CMB Karate.

After the game, we watched the always-nice fireworks display.

And without further ado, their last CMB Karate Demonstration Team performance:

June 1 2019 CMB Karate Demo Team – Trenton Thunder from Joel Ipe on Vimeo.

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