Church Picnic at the Ipes

For the past few years, members of our church have been going least annually to go watch a Trenton Thunder game as a small fundraiser for the church. We’ve been meaning to have a number of the church members over for lunch, dinner, or something along those lines. I got the bright idea that we should have a picnic at our place before the game, and then we could go to the game afterwards.

We settled on June 1, as the kids would be performing with other students from CMB Karate before the game. Little did we know it would be their last performance. A few weeks before the picnic, we set up a sign-up sheet at church for folks to bring sides, drinks, or dessert. I had many grand ideas in the months prior to have the interior of the house painted, new outdoor speakers, but none of that turned out to be feasible. We lucked out with good weather, and everyone basically stayed outside.

We set up three eating areas (including one under a pop-up tent out in the yard, with borrowed folding tables and chairs). For food, we served up Italian sausage, hot dogs, and hamburgers, plus all the sides. I also went out to buy lots of bottled beverages.

For entertainment, we purchased and set up a few different game or activity areas in the backyard– a giant Jenga-type game , cornhole, and badminton.

In the morning, I was still running around buying supplies, including Tiki torches and citronella candles, drinks, ice, etc.

We even used our new bar cart.

Overall, I thought the party went very well. I’m so nervous about hosting parties, but each one has been fine. I mean, look, you have good food, activities, keep the drinks flowing, keep the conversation going, and what more do people need to have a good time?

Well, ice for one. Even though we had 20-30 lbs of ice on hand, we still ran out during the party. Lesson learned — don’t underestimate how much ice you’ll need. Whatever you need, double it!

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