The Garage Renovation Project has commenced – Phase 1 (Painting)

A new year, a new home project.

The chaos that is our garage has been bothering me for eons. Yes, that’s right. Eons.

I’ve been cleaning it out slowly these past few months, but that’s only step one. The next phase is to prep the walls, remove old rickety racks & hooks, paint the garage, and install new shelving and track systems for improved organization. I want fewer things strewn about the garage like a minefield or obstacle course, and more items up on walls, out of the way, and easy to find!

I’ve worked out the layout for the future state, and we’ve started painting. I haven’t settled on an exact color, but we’re thinking a grey. Although I love grey, I’m not sure if I want to see grey walls and a grey floor. The jury is still out. For now, I’ve got one wall painted with paint + primer. We still have three more walls plus ceiling to paint, then to install the shelving, and move everything. I’m trying to get it done in stages, and completed in full by August 1st.

Wish us luck.

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