It was a good run – Lily at the 2019 NJSFWC State Spelling Bee

Ah, it was a terrific run, but it’s over. 🙁

This weekend, Lily competed at the 2019 NJSFWC state spelling bee. About 20 kids were there from all over the state to compete, and it was fierce. Right out of the gate, they giving the kids some really tough words. Lily made it to the final round with about 6 kids remaining. When it was her turn, she struggled with ‘decelerate’. 

Still, she walked out a champion. We cheered her up and joked that the Ipes don’t know how to decelerate – we only accelerate! 

That’s it for Lily and spelling bees. Like Josh 3 years prior, they both made it to the state competition with this organization, but didn’t place in the top 3. 

Afterwards, the kids took pictures, then the Ipes met up with my in-laws at Ninja Sushi for lunch.

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