We went to see The Book of Mormon on a Tuesday night

Gotta love the randomness of life sometimes. Well, the good random events. Not the type where you fracture your arm on the way to work.

Nums has had some interesting luck this past year with playing these lotteries for tickets to NY Broadway shows. She won tickets to Hamilton twice last year. In February, she won two tickets for a Tuesday night performance of The Book of Mormon. I think they were $30 a piece and we’ve been interested in seeing it for a while. 

After work, I hurried on up to Midtown to meet my wife for a quick dinner before the show at Dos Caminos. I was happy that she was up and about. She fractured her arm back in Jan, had surgery, and has been slowly on the mend. To see her out in New York was a nice thing to see again.

We had dinner at Dos Caminos around the corner (about a block) from the theater, then hoofed it in the freezing cold. Our seats were up in the Statler and Waldorf section, and I sat in what was basically a high chair, but I can’t complain too much. It was good to be out with my girl. 

The show itself was very entertaining and inappropriate for children. I was pretty tired but I got a 2nd wind during the 2nd act, and I felt better.

We took a cab afterwards to Penn, and took the train home.

My wife has an interesting story about her boot falling apart and finding nice pair of Sketchers in a 7th Ave souvenir shop, but I’ll leave that for her to regale you with that strange tale.

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