News flash! Lily wins her 2nd Spelling Bee with the New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs 2019 District Spelling Bee

I gotta give the girl credit – she can be cool and calm under pressure. On Saturday Feb 23rd morning, we drove up to the headquarters for the
New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs 2019 district spelling bee.  There were about 15 kids (including Lily) who had won at various spelling bees organized by clubs within the “College District”, and now they were here to compete. 

I won’t give a detailed rundown, but I was very nervous for Lily each time when went up to the podium. I generally kept my head down, and only looked up when it was her turn. Every time, she was cool and collected. In the end, she won 1st place again. We couldn’t believe it! She won another gift card as a prize, we took pictures, and we went out to lunch at Panera. She will come back here to the headquarters in a few weeks for the this organization’s state level competition.

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