The Ipes Go on a London Holiday – Saturday – Packing up, afternoon tea, and going home 

Our truly last day in London. We were busy spending Saturday morning packing our belongings, cleaning the suite, and grabbing last minute souvenir chocolates from the Tesco supermarket next door. We checked out officially, left our suitcases in the hotel lobby bell stand, then took the subway into London proper for our last big thing to do — British afternoon tea at the Ham Yard Hotel.

We had tried to get an authentic afternoon tea that whole week, but times didn’t work out, and it can be very expensive. Saturday was it, but we got lucky and found this fantastic tea at the Ham Yard for a reasonable price. Good tea, good food, nice place. And the kids like tea!

That was it for London. We rushed back to our hotel to change into travel clothes, but our driver was running 30 minutes late. Argh. We hung out for a bit, then finally got loaded up and on the road to Heathrow. No issues with check-in etc, and even got a small snack at the hotel.

The flight home was uneventful, and we watched lots of movies and shows during the six hour journey. I watched three movies – A Quiet Place, I, Tonya, and Pacific Rim: Uprising.

We found a Lyft driver, and made our way home around 11 PM. The cats were happy to see us. It was good to be home.

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