The Ipes Go on a London Holiday – Friday – Our last night in London. Sadsies.

It was our last full day in London. No more London Pass, so we had a more relaxed day in mind. We promised the kids they could sleep in a little longer in the morning. We were up and out of the hotel around 11 AM, and we took the subway to Canary Wharf to meet some of my coworkers from the UK office for lunch at Chai Ki. Afterwards, we went back out into the core part of London to sightsee some more, and to check out the Forbidden Planet superstore on Shaftesbury Ave. Pretty interesting, but the comic book superstores in NY are much larger.

We had to get the kids some new nicer clothes for dinner, so we checked out Primark, and got them some new shirts.

It was our big last night in London, so we had dinner at the Darwin Brasserie at the top of the Skygarden. Very good food, and it gave us the opportunity to relax a bit and walk around the floor, taking in the sights. If you can’t get tickets to the floor via the open to the public method, you can make reservations at one of the restaurants up there, and get there that way. This is what Nums did for us the day before.

It was getting late, so we walked around a little bit to soak up a little more London. Our last stop was the famous Harrods store. We only had 20 minutes before they were to close, so we went straight to the food hall and bought some chocolates as souvenirs.

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