Josh spent a week in Harrisburg PA on our church mission trip

The kids have spent the summer home this year so we could save a little money, and limit the hassle of trying to coordinate drop off and pick up of the kids to various camps without being late to the office. On July 15th, Josh departed after Sunday’s church with a few other teenagers on a youth mission trip. Through YouthWorks, they and 70+ other teenagers would spend a week in Harrisburg PA doing various tasks in the community. As I understood it, this included picking up trash, weeding garden beds, working in a food pantry, etc. Our church’s youth stayed at an area church.
While Josh was away, we couldn’t leave Lily at home unattended, so we enrolled her in an acting day camp. Each day, my wife handled drop off and pick up. Lily and the camp attendees filmed portions of a movie, and we’re supposed to be able to download the finished product sometime.

(We’re still waiting.)

We never got a chance to speak to Josh while he was gone. We kept track by texting the adult leaders from our church chaperoning our kids, or viewing pictures posted to the church’s Facebook page. On their last day, they all checked out Hershey World before leaving Pennsylvania. He came back last Friday afternoon safe and sound with a brief break before leaving for Boy Scout summer camp on Sunday.

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