After a brief 48 hours, the kids are off (separately) for a week away at camp

In the 48 hours since he returned from Harrisburg, Joshua and Lily had time to watch Ant-Man and the Wasp with me (my 2nd time), attend karate classes, get a haircut, spend family time together, and pack for their next set of adventures.

Joshua was once again heading out Sunday morning for Boy Scout summer camp for a week away out in the wilderness. This year, it is Camp Keowa out in Sullivan county, NY.

Two years ago on the way to picking up Joshua from summer camp (same uneventful trip where the old Toyota Highlander engine oil caught fire), we made a slight detour to check out Crossroads Bible Camp for an hour. Up near Lebanon NJ (northwest NJ), it’s a scenic sleepaway camp with cabins, meals, activities, worship stuff, etc. Seemed nice. Lily loved it and very much wanted to stay there that exact summer. However, we already had made arrangements for summer camp that year. She was still talking about two years later (our daughter is persistent), so we made it happen for her this year.

After dropping off Josh, we grabbed some breakfast on the road, and drove north. We got there in time for check-in, got her settled in, drove out again to find a small portable fan for her bunk bed, then she promptly shooed us away. 
Wow, 10 years old and she’s already trying to get rid of us.

Namita and I don’t have any major plans without the kids this week. We have a lot of inglorious work to do, but hopefully we will see each other at least once or twice.

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