Josh and the middle school 7th and 8th grade bands playing at Arm & Hammer Park

Recently, the 7th and 8th grade bands at Josh’s middle school were invited to play the Star Spangled Banner before a Trenton Thunder game. The only hitch was that this was for a Tuesday night game? A school night? I don’t consider myself lame, a school night is a little tough. Also, I had to leave early from work in order to get home in time to change, pick up another neighborhood boy also in the band, and drive them both to the park.

We made it through, and we had time to get cash for parking, park the car, and walk over to the staging area along the back outside. The kids all practiced a few times, then I went inside the stadium. There were also little kids invited to march before the game started. Once I got inside the stadium and looked around, I noticed the stadium was very empty. I wondered how the minor leagues would promote attendance to weeknight baseball game. If the organization invites school clubs and kids, their parents will come as well. That’s how you fill the seats on a weeknight. Interesting.

I hung out for a bit waiting for them to come out. I took a few more pictures, and recorded the anthem. Afterwards I met both boys, and we walked back to the car to drop off their trumpets. Walked back again to the stadium to grab dinner and our seats. Josh and his friend ended up hanging with some of their other friends, and I chatted with another parent. We stayed until about the 5th inning, and then made our exit. I would have loved to stay longer, but Josh and I still had homework/officework to do when we got home.

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