How did I spend my birthday weekend? A whole lotta running around!

This year, my birthday fell on a Sunday, so hey! Weekend birthday!

Joshua was away for most of the weekend, off camping in Pennsylvania with his Boy Scout Troop. We helped him double check the items he was packing, to reduce the risk of him forgetting anything. I ended up dropping him off at the meeting spot, and I got out of having to drive anyone to the camp site. I would have if needed, but hey, I didn’t have to.

Saturday morning, I slept in a bit, then we drove down to south Jersey for our nephew Ben’s 4th birthday party at my sister’s house. Fun time but we had to roll around 2 PM.

Back home and I hit the gym. Back to the house to clean myself up, for us three to get ready, and to drop off Lily to a neighbor’s house for a sleepover. Nums and drove down to Philadelphia to meet Julie and Robbie for dinner at Cuba Libre.

Dinner at Cuba Libre

Cuba Libre was nice but our server was a little slow and slightly clueless. After dinner we hit up Bootleggers down the street for drinks, music, and to play some games. I think we left around midnight.

Sunday morning was sleeping in time. I later picked up Josh after his camping trip around noon. Lily had a birthday party for a a classmate and his little brother in the afternoon, and Josh rested. In the evening, I took the kids to Six Flags to ride the rollercoasters. This was the first day of the season, so Six Flags also had a mini food truck festival going on near the Batman rides. While there appeared to way more people and cars in the parking lot when we arrived, by the time we got in, the rides were fairly empty. Lily recently hit 54″ (by a hair) so she qualifies now to ride the big rollercoasters.

We rode on Superman, Green Lantern, Kingda Ka, that Metropolis 4D ride. Kingda Ka had the longest wait of 30 minutes, while Green Lantern had barely anybody on line.

The chicken came out so good, so thieves couldn’t wait to get their hands on some.

Before it got too dark, we left so that I could get home and grill some chicken for dinner. That was a full weekend!

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