Daddy – Daughter… Steak Nite

The Girl Scout troops in our town host an annual “Daddy – Daughter Dance” which requires everyone to dress up, take photos, go dancing, and spend quality time together. My first (and last) dance was not so Normal Rockwell – most of the fathers stood around while the girls danced with each other, including Lily. Hmmm, sounds like my experiences at clubs and bars!

After the first one, Lily lost interest and so did I. We skipped the next few ones while our neighbors with Girl Scouts continued to attend. I guess after last year, many others also lost interest. This year, in lieu of the dance, a few of us opted to take our daughters to Ruth’s Chris instead for dinner.

Not to be left out, a few of the mothers took their sons for go-karting and dinner at Chickie & Pete’s. I heard it was a fun time, and Josh came in 1st at go-karting.

Funny enough, Lily and I would have loved go-karting. Nums and Joshua would have loved a nice steak dinner at Ruth’s Chris. I think the Ipes need to schedule a separate go-karting and steak dinner for ourselves.

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