I attended my first ever Girl Scout Father – Daughter Dance, and it was just okay. Is that bad?

After Lily’s birthday party, we changed clothes, and got ready for the next event on the calendar…. a Girl Scouts Father-Daughter Dance. This was my first time doing this sort of thing, but I was game. Lily, however, wasn’t up for dressing up or dancing, but we told other people we were going, so that was that. Our fellow attendee Jason and his daughter Eli picked us up, and we carpooled to the hall. We spent an inordinate amount of time on line to have our photos taken, then Lily spent most of the evening hanging out with her friend Eli. I, meanwhile, spent most of the eating sitting at a table, staring at dinosaur chicken nuggets.

Not my first choice in how to spend a Saturday night. In the end, we left around 8:30 PM when the dance broke up. Lily didn’t seem to care much for the dance, or hanging out with me. So….. not a big fan of the Father – Daughter Dance, now or in the future.

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