Our new Sony A/V receiver and Klipsch subwoofer arrived this week

I have some major/minor updates to share. I picked up the new Sony A/V receiver from Best Buy last Sunday. Although I have unpacked it, there was not much to do except stare at it, and plug it into the network jack. No speakers yet!

I’m glad it fit in the cabinet because it’s big and tall. It does radiate some heat, so I removed a shelf to hopefully improve air flow.

Tuesday night, I was disappointed to learn the subwoofer arrived…. and only the subwoofer. It seems Klipsch decided to separate each of the three items onto different UPS tracking numbers, and neglected to mention it. I rush home to find one subwoofer. I actually walked outside again to double check. Packing slip said one item. One subwoofer and nothing to do with it.

I called customer support the next morning, and yup, multiple packages, and they didn’t mention that. Grumble. Any idea when they would ship? Nope. Next day Klipsch updated tracking info with the two additional UPS tracking numbers. Estimated delivery – a week later on Dec 6th. Seriously?

I called customer support again and they cited getting slammed by Black Friday orders. And the speakers were coming via truck from Nevada. Double grumble. I don’t know if I like Klipsch quality, but I definitely don’t like their logistics and operations.

Remember I ordered a new center channel speaker? It’s been stuck in “Shipping Soon” status for days. No idea why.

Triple grumble. Don’t do this to me, Klipsch.

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