An impromptu Wednesday night on Broadway to see Dear Evan Hansen

Although the Ipes maintain a well-curated family calendar, we do appreciate a little spontaneity now and then. Late Wednesday afternoon, Namita found two orchestra seats for the 8 pm performance of Dear Evan Hansen over at the Music Box Theateron 45th. Nums was willing to get the kids situated, grab a 6 pm local train to Midtown. Would I be interested?

An impromptu Wednesday night to see a Broadway show with my honey bunny? Hells yeah!

We barely made it on time because her train was late getting in, we had trouble finding each other at NY Penn, and our short cab ride up 8 blocks of 8th Ave rush hour traffic took forever. But we made it!

The show was very good, but it went long. By the time we finished, we had 15 minutes to cab it back to NY Penn and catch our next train back. Made that too. Now, since I hadn’t eaten yet, I was happy to eat leftovers close to 1 am when we got home.

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