Our Road Trip to the Outer Banks 2017 – Part 3

Wednesday was probably one of the two nicest days we had the entire week, weather-wise. The four of us jumped into the car for a quick trip to Duck Donuts in nearby Kitty Hawke. The donuts are good, but wow, super rich. I may have picked at a couple of pieces, but way too much for me guilt-free.

OBX 2017 (58 of 141)While everyone was making minor plans to go out and/or hang out in the house, I was experiencing a little cabin fever. The day is nice, and it was probably going to rain again on Thursday so this was my one chance for an extended bike ride. I had gone riding on Monday, but only made it 20+ miles that day after getting caught in the rain. I suited up, and decided to ride north along the main road (Route 12), and kept on going and going. I didn’t really have a plan either. Somewhere along the way, I decided to make it to the Audubon Pine Island Sanctuary, but that was easier than I thought. I figured I’d keep going, and rode through Duck. At 20+ miles out, I saw signs for the Currituck Beach Lighthouse in Corolla, and I thought to myself that it would be pretty cool to take a photo at the lighthouse. Personally, I find something like that is a big motivator when you’re struggling out on the open road. That’s good life advice too.

Once I arrived at the lighthouse, I walked around briefly, took some pictures, then made my way across the street to a pizzeria. I had a nice meatball parmigiana hero, fries, and a beer. While I was there, I found out the bartender (and two patrons present) were  all original NJ residents. What a strange coincidence. Anyway, I reloaded my water bottles, and got back on the road. With reaching the beach house as my only goal, I felt energized and kept an average speed of 16.7 MPH, and raced the 30.23 miles home in 1 hour and 49 minutes. If you see the screenshots below, it took me 2 hours and 12 minutes to ride north, but I shaved 24 minutes off on the way back. I was feelin’ it on the way back — getting home is also always a good motivator.

I came back to find everyone in the hot tub and pool, and that seemed like a cool idea. I quickly showered, then joined the hot tub crowd. In the evening, we all dressed up for dinner at Dirty Dick’s in Nag’s Head. It was such a nice night, we decided to walk over. Food was okay. I don’t eat seafood often, so I had a NY strip steak. Afterwards, we all took a quick Uber ride home, then chilled out.

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