Our Road Trip to the Outer Banks 2017 – Part 2

The next two days (Monday and Tuesday) were a little overcast, rainy at times, so we spent a good portion of our days inside, with the occasional running outside to soak up the good weather when the sun poked itself out from behind the clouds.

On Monday, after breakfast, it wasn’t raining yet, so I decided to get my first bike ride in, and a few others went for a walk outside. I went south along the main road, and wanted to ride at least 25 or 30 miles out. However, it started raining around mile 11, and I was worried about getting caught in the tropical storm expected to arrive in the late afternoon. I hightailed it back in the rain, and ended up riding a total (and wet) 21.43 miles that afternoon. It was probably the rainiest day of that entire week. We spent the rest of the day and night inside, played on the PS4 (yes, I brought my PlayStation), board games, and watched TV/movies.

Tuesday was a little better, so we got more time outside at the pool and hot tub.

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