Josh survived his week at Forestburg Scout Reservation and we’re all happy to be back together again

We drove up late Friday to Forestburg in order to make it in time for the flag ceremony and to see Joshua. There was a lot of traffic on a summer Friday, but we made it in time. The other good news is that the new car didn’t break down, so the drama was kept to a minimum. The other other good news was Joshua was cleaner than he was last year. After hearing that the meals this week have been fairly awful, we said our good byes to Josh, and told him we would meet him in the morning. Namita, Lily, and I drove the 40 minutes to Montgomery / Maybrook, grabbed dinner again at The Main Line Diner & Pizza Co. It’s a nice family-run diner. Afterwards, while I considered the logistics of clubbing in the rural NY countryside, we simultaneously drove to the hotel. Again, we were staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Montgomery. We relaxed and watched Modern Family.

20170722_092232_resizedIn the morning, we got a phone call / rude awakening, and learned the boys were almost packed, and would be ready to go in 20 minutes. Mind you, we were still getting ready and packing, then supposed to enjoy the free hotel breakfast, and drive 40 minutes back to Forestburg! We packed and loaded the car quickly, scarfed down breakfast quickly (while standing), and made plans to instead race to meet them at the Dunkin Donuts in Monticello. Thankfully, they took longer to pack up and get on the road, and we beat them to Monticello.

After a quick breakfast for the scouts (and more coffee for me), we were on a way home via Route 17. Along the way, we found out our friends Doug & Kathy were free, so we made a quick U-turn, and drove to their place to meet them and hang out for an hour. Back on the road, we drove for a while, then grabbed some lunch at Annabella’s House of Mozzarella gourmet deli. Excellent food.

We got home around 2pm. It was good to be home. The kids and I spent 2 hours weeding the front yard and backyard, so it was a pretty good day.

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