Josh is at Forestburg Scout Reservation this week

Last Sunday, Josh left with a large number of other boys from his Boy Scouts troop to spend a week at Forestburg Scout Reservation.  Last year’s Boy Scout camp was the first time that he ever went away on his own for an entire week, so it was pretty momentous. I mean, it was momentous for him, and the trip up there was harrowing for us. Listen, if you don’t remember, check the link. We never got a sense that he had this awe-inspiring time, but we now believe it was due to:

  1. He was away on his own for a week (but the good news was that he wasn’t homesick enough that he felt a need to call us.)
  2. Most of the other kids from his troop were older boys.
  3. He only had one other friend his age that attended scout camp with him.

wp-image-1349002338.jpgThis year, he was much more excited. We also noted that there are a lot more boys his age (and that he’s also good friends with) that are coming along, so we think there is a direct correlation. We’re driving up in the new car Friday afternoon in order to catch the Friday evening closing ceremony, stay overnight in Montgomery NY, then bring him home Saturday morning after breakfast. And we hope the drive there (and back) is smooth sailing (with no breakdowns on the highway.) The good news is that, as of Tuesday, he looks happy,

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