The Ipes are gardening again

We gardened in 2015, took a break in 2016, and now we are gonna try our hand at gardening again in 2017!

We wanted to keep our garden-related shopping at Home Depot cheap (seeds and weed-blocking tarp), but we didn’t walk out with our two carts for less than $200. That’s the Home Depot / Lowe’s story, isn’t it?

The four of us got the garden plot in a decent shape by the mid-afternoon, after many hours we had the garden cleared of weeds, tilled, old fencing removed, and ready for planting.

This year, we’re gonna try to grow melons, cucumbers, spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, and something else I’m probably forgetting. It’s probably green peppers.

The kids are also trying to grow cilantro and parsley in the house. It’s gonna be an interesting gardening year. Wish us luck!

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