A beautiful day to garden with friends

When we bought the house, the backyard had a nicely sized vegetable garden. There were plenty of different plants growing in there, and that peaked our interest. In 2015, would we be planting and growing our first garden? Why not? We don’t know too much about gardening, but our friends Doug & Kathy were mighty interested. Up in their neck of the woods, they had to fend off too many wild animals to make a successful garden. We decided to team up, and work together on a nice little communal garden to share in its bounty.

After a few postponed dates, we got together on Saturday to clean up the garden, till the soil, and plant new stuff. Unfortunately, this was one of those busy days, so Namita and the kids were off at a birthday party, and couldn’t help. It was up to me, Doug, and Kathy to garden, and Digs to keep us entertained. I grilled up a nice lunch of burgers, Italian sausages, etc. Of course, the first batch was ruined in some sort of grease fire, but the 2nd batch came out well. Go figure.

I don’t know everything we planted, but I do remember planting tomato plants, pumpkin seeds, beans, carrots, and some sort of squash. Let’s find out what sprouts in 70 days. Namita and kids came back home around the same time we had finished getting the garden in order, so the kids played with Digs before Doug & Kathy left.

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