Update on my life AKA Joel’s Unplanned Extended Vacation

It’s been a few weeks of….. vacation now. It’s feeling less alien strange time in some ways, and more relaxing at other times.  I have to say that I’m enjoying the down time, especially hanging out with my family. I’ve been home to help the kids catch the school bus on time, and I’ve been home to greet them.  I’ve been home to attend karate classes, softball games, boy scout events, and to hang out with them in general after school. I’ve been home to spend time with my wife without staying up late to work. I’ve been home to take care of repairs and to finish organizing tasks that we never finished after the move in 2014.

What else? I celebrated my 40th birthday. I’m getting more exercise time in at the gym. I’m able to hang out with friends in the neighborhood, and getting in touch with old friends as well. We also went to Philadelphia for a week during Spring Break, and it was fun!

These are all good things.

As for work — I’m not as worried. I did start hunting back in Dec / Jan, and it’s been a slow process. A little too slow if you ask me, but I’m taking my time to find the right organization and the right role. I did have an offer from one company based locally here in NJ, but we couldn’t make it work. You’re probably asking why didn’t I jump to that right away. Well, they were behaving somewhat strangely and the terms they offered were odd.  In the end, we couldn’t make it work. It was also quiet in Q1, so this also made me initially nervous, but now a lot of interesting, high-profile opportunities began opening up this month. There are two in particular that I’m very much interested in, and we’re in the last stages. In fact, I’ve already completed the background check for one.

A month ago, I was astonished. I was aggrieved that although I had put in so much work to stand out over the course of 15 months, it supposedly didn’t matter to the new management. I was worried about how long it would take to find something new that I liked. Now, with two great roles in the pipeline, I’m a little more relaxed.  Everything will be alright, so enjoy it for now. Enjoy this time for now.

Soon enough, I’ll be back to jet-setting again.

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