I am 40

Yes, I turned 40 this year. Egads, 40? Really?

How did I spend my 40th birthday anyway? I had hoped to sleep in, maybe go biking, maybe be employed, but didn’t get to do those kinds of things. I relaxed in the morning, went to the city for an interview (that went well), and came back to take the kids to a few activities. In the evening, we took the kids to Ruth’s Chris for the first time to celebrate. I wouldn’t say the food was the greatest it’s ever been, but the kids were excited.

So does 40 feel any different than 39? Nah, it feels the same.

Am I as thin and sexy as I wanted to be by my 40th birthday? Nah, but I am thinner, and I feel stronger.

Am I gainfully employed? Sadly, no, but things are looking positive.

Am I rich and powerful? No, but that’s okay. I have a great circle of family and friends around to support me.

Did I eat steak today? You’e damn right I did!



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