Purchased a Mio heart rate monitor


I’ve been a member of Orangetheory Fitness for over two years now. Normally, you check in before class and use one of their Polar chest monitors with your previously purchased chest strap.  This year they’re moving to a model — they contracted to use Mio chest or wristband heart rate monitors (HRT).

Yes, members have to buy their own equipment. This would be annoying to me normally, but there’s a huge benefit to me. The monitors can be used outside the gym. The new Mio HRTs connect to the new OTbeat app via Bluetooth. That means I can use it when I’m out cycling or otherwise working out when traveling. I’ve been looking for something, and this should suit my needs for now.

I used the new HRT and app last week, and it’s pretty decent. Lots of detail. At the gym, however, I still need to watch my progress on the wall mounted TV, as my phone locks after 30 seconds.


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