Bought a Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad and it’s kinda handy

One of the key features of the Galaxy S7 is built-in Qi wireless charging. Using one of the $30 gift cards we recently earned through a recent Samsung Pay promotion, I went out to buy a Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad.

Samsung has offered a wireless charging pad before, but this is a newer model with “fast charging.” Both wireless charging pads work the same — it’s a circular charging pad with a micro USB cable and a wall charger. When you place your phone on the pad, there is a quick ping, and the light on the pad slowly blinks blue as your phone charges. When you reach 100%, the indicator light switches to a constant green.


To get “fast” wireless charging speeds, you must use the supplied wall charger. I tried plugging it in directly into one of our wall USB ports, but there wasn’t enough amperage. Not sure why. Wall charger or no, you’ll get the fastest battery charging speeds by plugging a USB cable directly into the phone and charging to the wall outlet (or USB.)

For now, I’ve got it plugged in on my desk in our home office. The wireless charging pad works most conveniently there. I come to my desk, drop the phone onto the pad, let it charge, and pick up and go. Quick top off, easy access, and no extra cords on the desk.

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