Joshua’s 11th Birthday Party

20160306-DSC_0376For Josh’s 11th birthday, we decided to change it up a bit. Instead of inviting 30 kids to some facility for jumping, pizza and cake, we opted to do something focused more on quality than quantity. Josh invited just three of his friends for a “Sunday Mystery Matinee” live performance of a Star Wars parody. Namita had been down to Peddler’s Village once before with some friends, and they put on a lunch and show aimed at kids. The food is decent, and the floor show is good. To keep Lily company, she brought her friend Sarah along.

Once all of the guests arrived at our house, we took two cars down to Lahaska, Pennsylvania to Peddler’s Village. It’s a nice, quaint little shopping village that appears to attract lots of area folks. Once we parked and checked in at the Cock N’ Bull restaurant, we had a good 45 minutes to kill before the show started. We walked around a bit, and took the kids to a nearby toy shop to play and purchase some small toys.

Once we got back to the restaurant, we all took turns to grab food from the buffet line, and the actors came around in character to hand out stickers and make jokes. The show itself was fairly entertaining, primarily because it was most improvisational. They would grab various kids from the audience to help out with stuff, and ad-libbed a lot of the jokes. It was funny.

After the show, we got a group photo with the cast, then made the drive back home for cake, and to allow the kids time to horse around before their parents came to pick them up.

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