Joel’s review of Meet the Patels (2014)

Color me pleasantly surprised to find the documentary Meet the Patels (2014) on Netflix this weekend. This is a documentary starring Ravi Patel, and was directed by both Ravi Patel and his sister Geeta Patel.

I guess you could call it a romantic comedy documentary? I’ve seen Ravi Patel in a number of acting gigs, but most epically in Aziz Ansari’s Master of None series on Netflix. In Meet the Patels, he is himself, an unmarried Indian-American actor in his 30s. The film is about his attempts to find love and hopefully marriage after breaking up with his non-Indian girlfriend Audrey. We witness the various interactions and dynamics as his parents try to introduce him to multiple Indian women over the course of a year. The film also captures the discussions between the family and his sister Geeta, who is not only the camera operator and director, but also the loving sister who is also unmarried, whose single status is also a point of concern and consternation for the Patel parents.

I enjoyed this documentary a lot — there’s a lot of heart in this film, including a look at Indian culture, the perspective of the Patel parents, and the thoughts of both brother and sister. It covers modern romance and cultural assimilation. It’s both thought-provoking and entertaining.

Meet the Patels (2014)

Meet the Patels (2014)

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