The year is almost over and I’m looking forward to some time off

I can’t believe it’s December 22nd. The year is almost over. Tomorrow is my last day of work for the year, and I’m taking the rest of the month off. Thank goodness.

The good news is that, unlike 2013 and 2014, I’m not in the process of handing off work, and transitioning to a new employer come January. Even though those were both planned moves, both were based on unexpected and severe changes in management and strategy. Oh, it’s been a year of upheaval with my current employer too, but I’m currently riding it out. We’ll see what 2016 holds.

I hope you all are having a decent end of the year. For the past few weeks, we’ve been Christmas shopping, wrapping up work, and getting ready for time off. The kids have their last day of school tomorrow, and they’re excited. We don’t have an itinerary written in stone. What I am sure of so far is:

  • Dec 24 – Seeing Star Wars Episode VII, and having my wife’s family over for Christmas Eve stuff, opening presents, and dinner.
  • Dec 25 – Church, opening presents, and spending time with my side of the family.
  • Dec 26 – Attending a memorial service, and dinner out with the missus.

That’s really it. Seriously. No plans to go to the city. We’re not traveling to any far off places. We’re not staying in a hotel somewhere. I think we’re gonna play it by ear, do stuff around the house, Netflix and chill.

You know, I can’t honestly remember the last time a year that there wasn’t some sort of tumult, either at work or personally. The past few years saw me adjusting to new roles and organizations. While I was at Citigroup for six great years, the nature of the business (plus “The Great Recession” starting in 2008) made each year a little crazier than the last. We also had Josh and Lily as little kids,. We were trying to keep our heads above water dealing with two young kids, keeping our heads above water financially (first home, you know), and running around from one activity or event to another.

Maybe this isn’t something unusual. Maybe this is the norm. Food for thought.

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