Working on the mudroom and other home improvements

As I was home for the 1st day of the solar panel installation, I figured I could get some stuff done around the house. Besides general cleaning up (laundry, vacuuming), I took care of some necessary home improvements. We are always charging devices upstairs next to our bed, so I purchased another Legrand outlet a few weeks ago. Yes, this was the exact same Legrand outlet as the one in the kitchen. It’s been good — you free up outlets and you can charge two devices without needing a power adapter.

I cut the power, finished installing this outlet, and asked myself why I hadn’t thought of installing one for my side of the bed at the same time. I should have bought two this time around. Doh!

Next, I tackled the mudroom…. again. No, it’s not quite done yet. We were still missing the hooks. It’s been delayed because I once installed wall hooks that didn’t hold up well in the old townhouse. I didn’t want to take a chance on that happening again. After some research, I recently purchased very secure wall anchors that should support up to 50 lbs each. I took exact measurements, mapped everything out, and installed all four hooks, two anchors a piece. Each hook will support 100 lbs. Those suckers ain’t going anywhere.

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