This is how the Ipes celebrate Easter 2015 — with food and family


Easter 2015

Happy Easter, everyone!

We had a full day ahead of us. In the morning, we were up early and attempted to get the kids to church early for last Tone Chimes practice at 10 am before Easter service. That didn’t really happen, but the kids got to play anyway, thank goodness. My sister-in-law and her daughter Sofia were in town and attended as well. Easter service was nice, and lots of flowers in the sanctuary. The kids did well in the Tone Chimes Choir, and the video is posted below.

Easter 2015 – Tone Chime Monsters from Joel Ipe on Vimeo.

After church, we drove to Princeton for brunch at Winberies. We had planned to have brunch with the extended David family, but every place I called had no reasonable availability before 2 PM. Thankfully, Winberies was able to accommodate. The food was pretty good, and I was careful not to gorge. One simple plate of food, plus a few cannoli. Hey, it’s Easter.

After brunch, we parted ways, but brought my niece Sofia along with us, as she should be staying overnight at our place. We drove home in order to grab a change of clothes, grab a mostly finished Easter Bunny cake, and then drive down to my sister Julie’s house for an Easter…. after party? They were hosting a nice Easter dinner, complete with Easter Egg Hunt. By the time festivities died down, we were the last to leave, got home around 9 PM.

Long, long day.


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