Joel’s review of Son of Batman (2014)

I rented Son of Batman, one of the more recent DCAU film straight-to-video releases. [Side note: What was the last DCAU film released to theaters? Batman: Mask of the Phantasm back in 1993?] This film is an adaptation of the Damien Wayne introduction as the newest Robin. Not a new storyline by any means, as Damien Wayne was introduced in the 2006 Batman and Son story line. He was Robin when Dick Grayson became Batman during the 2009 Battle of The Cowl story line, then remained Robin when Bruce Wayne returned. Damien has since been murdered by his clone, and now most recently been brought back to life with new super powered abilities. Ah, comics. You are weird.

The story begins at one of Ra’s Al Ghul’s camps, where you are introduced to Ra’s himself, his daughter Talia, and Damien. Not only is Damien Ra’s al Ghul’s grandson, he is also Bruce’s illegitimate son. And a dangerous, sword-carrying brat. After an attack at the camp, Talia bring Damien to Gotham, seeking Bruce’s protection. Eventually, Damien will seek out revenge on those who attacked the camp, and hurt his family.

It’s a decent cast. Jason O’Mara has been doing the recent voice work for Bruce Wayne / Batman. Stuart Allan does a good job voice pain in the butt Damien. Morena Baccarin is Talia. Giancarlo Esposito is Ra’s al Ghul. The story itself was very simple, with not much to it. Damien introduction, adjust to Damien, Damien seeks revenge. Fairly simplistic. I’m not sure why this constituted an entire film, direct release or not. The film itself runs a brisk 74 minutes, so yes, it’s short. It’s a quick rental, but I don’t think you’re missing anything at all. You’re probably better off reading the comic books or getting the graphic novel.

Son of Batman (2014)

Son of Batman (2014)

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