Joel’s review of The Other Woman (2014)

My wife and I recorded and watched The Other Woman on cable TV recently. This is that 2014 romantic (?) comedy starring Leslie Mann, Cameron Diaz, and Kate Upton. It’s…… not a good film by any means. There’s no real way that I can spoil the plot for you, as everything you need to know about this film can be gleaned by watching any of the TV commercials. Leslie Mann is the married woman who finds out that her husband is cheating on her with Cameron Diaz. After confronting “The Mistress”, Cameron Diaz reveals that she was unaware he was married. Then they both find out that the husband is actually cheating on both of them with Kate Upton’s character. It becomes an empowered women banding together (unrealistically, I may add) to exact comical revenge on the man who has done them all wrong.

It’s a bit dumb, contrived, unrealistic, etc, etc. If you want to watch it, go ahead. But it’s mindless TV watching at best. Of course, the film more than doubled it’s $40 million budget, so I guess everyone who made this film is laughing their way to the bank, so what do I know anyway.

The Other Woman (2014)

The Other Woman (2014)

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