Purchased a mechanic tool set just for the socket wrench tools

I mentioned earlier that I need a socket wrench or ratchet tool kit. I never really thought socket wrenches or ratchet tools were useful unless one was working on a car. Last summer, when I had to put together our Weber grill, one of our acquaintances not only recommended that I use a socket wrench, he actually lent me his ratchet tool kit. Worked out great, and very handy. Who knew?

Fast forward to when I was trying to put together the snow thrower and adjust the skid shoes. They were secured with hex bolts, and neither of my trusty wrenches would budge it. In fast, I was beginning to strip the bolt! More fast forwarding to this weekend and our most recent snow fall. I had recently picked up a Husky mechanic tool set from Home Depot, and it worked like a charm to loosen the hex bolt. And now I have a new set of tools to add to my collection. I hope I can get the Joel Ipe workshop started this year, so I can have a proper place for all this stuff.

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