Our Trip to Orlando – Day 4 – Animal Kingdom – Part 2


Hanging out with the Horanas at Animal Kingdom

Here’s the 2nd half of the photos from Animal Kingdom. After lunch at the Tusker House, we went to see a Lion King show, which was well done. We then met up with the Horana family, who were also visiting the Disney parks around the same time. We took the African Safari ride, then took the kids to Dinosaurland for some time to play.

We left the park after 5 PM, and drove to the hotel to change once again, as well as check in online for our flight. We picked up some McDonald’s apple pies for the kids, gassed up (and returned) the rental car. Unfortunately, there was a winter storm hitting the Northeast, and flights were cancelled all over. Our flight was slightly delayed, but we had to stand around in various lines of confused people as we tried to get our bags ticketed and dropped off. I’ll take delayed vs cancelled anytime.

We had some Southwest Moe’s for dinner at the food court, and watched the flight status. Still on! We eventually made it to Philadelphia, picked up the car, and drove home in a lot of snow and bad weather. We reached home exhausted at almost 2:30 AM. I was thankful that we made it home no worse for wear, especially after driving home late in a snowstorm.

Part 2 of the photos at Animal Kingdom is below.

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