Happy New Year! Starting the year off with a bang

We started off the new year with a bang. Since 2001, my wife and I have celebrated New Year’s Eve through a special tradition. Instead of partying at a club, we have celebrated quietly at a hotel or at home, eating a nice dinner, drinking some wine, and watching a movie together. Two different years, we broke tradition slightly by binge watching a marathon of Sex and the City (Dec 31 2001) or Friends (Dec 31 2008.) It’s not a flashy way to celebrate, but we didn’t have spend a lot of money, and it’s a romantic way to spend time with your loved one without yelling over music.

This year, I think we planned to continue tradition as usual, but…. then we got invited over to New Year’s Eve party hosted by our friends Teo and Sofia. Since July, so many people in the neighborhood have been so friendly and inviting. I haven’t attended a Halloween party in years, and yet we were invited another really nice couple who we barely knew. So we said, “Hey, why not?”

Great party, and it was really good to spend it with fun people. Happy New Year, everyone!

Jan 1 2015 New Years Group Photo - Fernandez Party

Jan 1 2015 New Years Group Photo – Fernandez Party

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